Samurai – Predicting Option Trades

As a veteran options trader, Leav Graves found it time-consuming and complicated to research past trends and anomalies within the market and to keep up with the overwhelming amount of ever-changing data. After realizing that this problem spoke to a huge market, Leav created Samurai, a predictive platform for options traders. I sat down with Leav to talk about his startup, what he’s learned along the way, and what makes his venture kickass.

So what does Samurai do exactly?

Samurai is a data-driven platform that helps financial professionals make better decisions by turning existing data into knowledge, providing actionable advice. Basically, we give traders an accuracy rate on any specific trade based on our automated, data-driven algorithms. We study the past, analyze the present to help predict the future.

What pain is Samurai solving?

There is so much data in the financial realm, and the amount is constantly growing. The problem is that not all data points are always relevant for a decision-making process. There is a lot of noise from irrelevant data, wasting time and driving investors to make the wrong decisions. The motivation to solve this issue came from my experience as a trader for the last 10 years. I was looking for a way to better allocate my time and diversify my portfolio.

How does Samurai’s solution work?

Our solution is a SAAS platform that turns data into knowledge and action. We use automated back-testing algorithms on big data infrastructure, to spot market anomalies and market opportunities in REAL TIME. Our artificial intelligence algorithms make it easy for our clients to start and hit the ground running in this ultra-competitive market.

Speaking of markets…. What’s yours like?

In the first stage, we focus on the 2.5 million professional traders worldwide (we already work with the most sophisticated players in the field). Our next step would be addressing the global investors market with over 300M investors worldwide.

What give you an edge over competitors?

Samurai is a data-driven platform helping financial professionals make better decisions by turning existing data into knowledge and then act upon it. Competitors in this field focus solely on stock trades, as well as only giving you.

What is one lesson you learned from building your Sup?

Go and meet clients as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you have a product and you want to sell to them.

Are you currently looking for anything?

We are looking for motivated developers to join our team and lead the revolution in the finance sector.

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