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While there are few companies that provide beverage data to bar owners, there is very little information on an average beverage brand and their consumers. In a 1 trillion dollar industry, consumer data is the value that drives such companies. Weissbeerger has created the “Bar of the Future”, a connected outlet all about giving beverage manufacturers real-time insight and understanding of the market in order to optimize pricing, improve operations, increase revenue and create a one-of-a-kind consumer experience. We got to speak with Amy B. Cohen-Dagan, head of Business Development to get the juice on this hot industry, and how Weissbeerger is bringing value to top beverage brands.

What is WeissBeerger?

We are the leading IoT & Big Data solution for breweries, soft drink, manufacturers, and bars.

What pain is Weissbeerger solving?

The beverage industry is HUGE, generating approximately $1TR per annum. With this being said, beverage companies have ONLY “Sell-In Data”, that is, data pertaining to beer sold to bars; while there is NO Connectivity between the beverage brand & the consumer at the time of consumption.

How does Weissbeergers solution work?

WeissBeerger developed a hardware & software solution to meet the needs of beverage manufacturers and their customers (bars, restaurants, and other outlets).¬† WeissBeerger’s unique mixture of hardware, software and data analysis is ushering in a new frontier in the beverage industry, defined by data-driven decision making and efficiency throughout the value chain.

What’s your market like?

Weissbeerger targets breweries, soft drink manufacturers, and bars in an industry that is generating 1 trillion dollars a year.

What gives you an edge over competitors?

While there are a few companies that cater to bar owners (mainly for compliance purposes), to the best of our knowledge we are the ONLY company that is focused on providing a solution of this nature to the beverage manufacturer. Having opened the first innovation lab to further develop connected devices, WeissBeerger is ushering in the Bar of the Future.

Can you tell me about the team?

WeissBeerger was co-founded in 2009 by Omer Agiv (CEO) and Ori Fingerer (VP Bus Dev); Ilan Sobel (COO) joined the team later on. We are a 50+ people team spread across Tel Aviv HQ and other countries – including software & hardware engineers, data analysts & data scientists and more.

Weissbeerger is constantly expanding. For more information, email Amy@weissbeerger.com .

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